We're on the Radio

  Archeus founder Georgina Langdale talks weeds, awards and death in this radio interview.

Nature on your Healing Journey

  We get many requests from customers for products they can feel good about using as they journey through illness to wellness.


The Things That Save Us

  How a concert pianist and a farmer's daughter found things to save them when life got messy. 

Helping Nature Help You

How we are working to help women through the tough stuff along with the good.

Tattooing to write over Cancer

 How tattooing can help on the healing journey after cancer

30 women meet 35 years later

Celebrating real women living real lives and finally not giving a s**** what other people think.

Compassionate care

 Ways we are working with Nature to help navigate this life transition with tenderness and love

Plant Essences a Hug in a Bottle

 Nature helps us with the tough stuff

Healing into Life and Death

 vision and focus for 2018

The Dreaded Tingle

 A tale of how Archeus helped a cold sore outbreak

Bees and being good stewards

 Price rises for organic raw ingredients spell trouble for us and our ecosystems

So do these sheets really work?

 This story may help you decide