Working with Plant Alchemy

At Archeus we believe in the 'oneness of things' and work with this vital force.

The word Archeus was created by Paracelsus a 16th Century physician and alchemist from Germany. He was brilliant, bombastic and a visionary of the renaissance period. He said that in order to heal and to do alchemy one had to work with the 'Archeus', the vital force that connects man, the universe and Nature.

Paracelsus believed in the healing power of nature saying 'The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician'. 

He was a deeply controversial man who frequently raised the ire of the establishment due to his outspoken ways. In fact his second name Bombastius, and his personality gave rise to the term 'bombastic' for outrageous and difficult behaviour.

But beneath this prickly exterior was a man who believed in nature as a starting point for healing. He was inspired by alchemy and believed that the health of the body relied on the harmony of man, the microcosm, with Nature, the macrocosm. He knew that man was part of the natural world, not apart from it and that man's harmony with nature would contribute to his own health and well-being.

Five hundred years on and that vital force, that Archeus is inspiring us here in the Archeus apothecary. We hope he would appreciate the ways we work with Nature for healing: from balms, creams and serums to plant elixirs, to energy and earth medicine. Everything we make is made in a way that captures that energy, that Archeus.

Each step on this journey is made richer by the ongoing deepening of knowledge and refinement of technique. What is so wonderful about the work we do here is that the more you learn about ways of working with Nature - the more you want to dive even deeper into it. For me this has meant a couple of things this year: I have recently graduated in shamanic energy medicine from the prestigious Four Winds Light Body School; and I have also started a slow but deliberate exploration of creating Paracelsus's alchemical spagyric plant essences in the Archeus Apothecary. I hope to create a small collection of these over time and I will share more information about them nearer the time.

As time goes on I feel like I am working in a much more alchemical way. I consider the body of the plants - their healing properties, the way they grow, taste and relate to the landscape around them; I think about the effect of the plants I use on the soul and emotions of a person; and finally I consider how these plants and their energy help us connect to the oneness of things. Someone left a beautiful message for me the other day saying that they felt there was a special energy to Archeus products. This made my day because every aspect of Archeus is committed to creating ways to help with healing body, soul and spirit. It is so lovely when customers tell me they can sense that.

Working with plants is a beautiful way of exploring history, traditions, legend and ritual. I am so grateful for the ancient wisdom of the visionaries, healers and teachers that has been handed down through the ages so that we may help you in the best way we can.


Georgina x

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