Archeus herbally-dyed yoga mat

Do you like the idea of minimising your exposure to harmful toxins and synthetic materials where possible? If you do yoga and use a cheap foam mat, have you ever thought about all that goodness you are doing - only to rest your body and face on a mat made from petrochemicals?

Here at Archeus we think about these sorts of things a lot. As a result, we immerse ourselves in the different ways we can work with plants, with nature for beauty, health and well-being.

Archeus founder, Georgina started dyeing natural fabrics such as merino wool, linen and silk with medicinal herbs she uses in products made in the Archeus apothecary and grows in the Archeus gardens. This led to teaming up with ayurvedic doctors and traditional weavers in India to develop a range of Archeus textiles. The first products in our range are our organic cotton, handwoven and herbally-dyed yoga mats and they are now available online.

Archeus yoga mats are dyed with herbs used in ayurvedic medicine. No synthetic chemicals are used anywhere in the production process. The weaving and dyeing are done by hand. The mats tread so lightly on the earth that when you are done with them you can even compost them!

More details are in the product info. Please note our yoga mats are only available via the Archeus website. This means that we can ensure fair pay for our partners in India and a fair price for you. 

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!