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How are the holidays going? I hope you're getting the chance for a break.
It's a new year. A new decade and here at Archeus.....a new offer :-)

Are you in peri-menopause? If so then you'll probably relate to the feeling of emotions being all over the place. Maybe you're getting hot flashes and night sweats? Sometimes do you just feel so darn angry? And then there is the impact of increasing dryness, which can not only be downright painful, it can also impact intimacy. Maybe it's even impacted your holiday?

From 6-12 January we're having a special that could just help you hugely.  When you buy two 60g tins of Naturally Feminine Balm you'll automatically get a 50% discount on a bottle of Transition Drops, while stocks last. We've only got about 50 bottles so best be in quick!

Transition Drops are a traditional herbal tincture with the added emotional support of plant essences. You take a dropperful (this can be in water, juice or on its own) once or twice a day - you'll feel what feels right for you. They are also great to take when you suddenly feel really stressed. They help calm things down.

Ingredients include Leonurus cardiaca which is also known as Motherwort. She's the plant with the little pinky-purple flowers to the right of the picture above. A member of the mint family, Motherwort has that lovely calming mint signature. She also balances out periods (but don't take her if you are trying to conceive). She is known as a heart remedy, hence her botanic name 'the lion-hearted'. She's joined by rose and violet plant essences made from flowers in the Archeus gardens. Violet is a beautiful plant for helping us nurture womanly bits and rose reminds us that we are still beautiful - even when we don't feel like it.

American herbalist Susan Weed says that Motherwort is her favorite remedy for women with uncomplicated menstrual cramps and she loves it for things like hot flashes, nerves, insomnia, strengthening the vaginal walls, reducing water retention and lifting depression.

I used Motherwort a lot when I was going into menopause. When I was at that stage when periods were all over the place, she brought one on and it was quite heavy but then things calmed down really quickly and the transition felt much more navigable and I enjoyed it for the passage into this rather fabulous non-menstruating phase of life. So the caution I would make is Motherwort can increase flooding.

Then of course, there is the hugely popular Naturally Feminine Balm which I created specifically for soothing vaginal dryness and helping strengthen and nourish vaginal and vulval tissue. You can use this every day, or just as you need it. It can be used during intimacy (as long as you're not using condoms as latex will split when in contact with plant oils). I have customers who use it to help soothe itching and lichen sclerosis.

So from 6-12 January buy two tins of Naturally Feminine Balm and get 50% off each 50ml bottle of Transition Drops, which is a saving of $12.50. This offer is only available while stocks last.

If you are having any of the symptoms that Susan Weed mentioned above, this offer is definitely one to take advantage of.

Georgina xx

PS: I mentioned in a Christmas video that I'm working on a new website dedicated to the issue of vaginal dryness, the conditions that can cause it, and things I make that can also support you emotionally and physically, all revolving around how nature can help us heal. I'll let you know when it's ready!

If you'd like a FB Group where these sorts of issues can be discussed together let me know and if there's enough interest I'll set one up.


Donna F. Verified Buyer
Transition drops
These are life changing, I would not be without them. Thank you Georgina


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