Spring Growth

The Archeus garden in spring is joyous. A place of new beginnings, growth and beauty. We can almost see the garden growing in front of our eyes at the moment and the air is heady with scent.

Archeus itself grows and blossoms amid this gorgeous Natural world. I really do feel that this spring energy is imbued into everything we are doing in the apothecary. Archeus products are developed and handcrafted for your pleasure and well-being and beauty. Archeus workshops enable me to walk in the traditions of healers and wise women throughout time by sharing knowledge which in turn can give wings to dreams.

This spring is a time of new developments for Archeus. I am really getting a feel now for what you, our gorgeous customers like and love. This is ranging from fabulous day in day out skincare products that you can reach for like an old friend, to treatment products such as our tattoo care and others in the pipeline. Then of course there are the workshops. These are such a joy to do! I have lots of ideas for new ones to add to the schedule next year!

So very soon I will be bringing you details of new products and workshops as well as trusted favourites. I will be sharing all sorts of gift ideas for Christmas and treats for the New Year.

In the meantime take a moment to become aware of the energies and changes brought about by spring; breathe them in a reflect upon the growth and change you desire this year...become the person you want to be. Love Nature, love yourself.... and I hope you love Archeus as well.

Georgina xx


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