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So do these sheets really work?

You may have seen our beautiful handwoven, organic cotton bed linen that has been dyed (by hand of course) from blends of herbs used in traditional western and ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal system of India.

You may have thought - but do they really work? If so, then this story may be helpful to you.

Each colour in our range is the result of different blends of herbs for different conditions. Our antique rose coloured bed linen is infused with herbs used for eczema and other skin problems, our white sheets are infused with herbs for complexion and well-being; green are for anxiety; the ivory shade is a concoction of herbs for respiratory complaints; our blue sheets are infused with herbs for toxin release and our yellow bedding is infused with herbs for helping one sleep. And herein starts the story.

The yellow sheets have herbs used in the treatment of insomnia. These herbs include Valerian. 

Valerian is a key herb for insomnia, but while many people find it fabulous, some don't. I am one of the latter. Valerian gives me terrible dreams. As I was developing the colours and blends with my partners in India I saw they suggested valerian and my first reaction was not to include it because of my own reaction to it. Then I thought maybe that was being unfair as I am in a minority anyway. So valerian stayed in the blend.

My husband loves the yellow sheets and we went through a three week period of literally putting them on the bed, taking them off and washing them and then putting them straight back on the bed again. He was in his yellow happy place. But here is the thing...

... over those three weeks I started having terrible dreams. They got worse and worse and more frequent until finally I woke myself (and him) by screaming out loud in the middle of a nightmare. It was horrible. I couldn't figure out why I was having all these dreams. Then it dawned on me that the only thing different in my life over the timeframe of the dreams was the yellow sheets.

Darn it that valerian really worked!

So my take out from this is, these sheets aren't just a gimmick. The herbs do have an effect and that effect is not diminished by washing the sheets.

I believed in this concept of herbally-infused organic textiles (known as ayurvastra or 'life cloth' in India) enough to invest in creating this line of bedding and nightwear (coming soon) but this experience with the yellow sheets really brought it home to me how effective they are.

So if you are looking for a truly natural, chemical-free sleep experience that may help support your complexion, anxiety relief, toxin release, eczema, respiratory complaints then think about giving these a try.

Georgina xx

By the way, I had decided not to sell the yellow bedding as I found that the yellow, which is created by turmeric (an amazing anti-inflammatory) is very sensitive to sunlight and can streak and fade very easily. You'll be happy to know I have not had the same issue with other colours. But if valerian works well for you and you are keen to try them contact me by email and I can arrange a price for you.


PPS: No animals were harmed in the making of this story!

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