The elixir blend of plant essences that you are receiving with your order of Naturally Feminine Balm until 5 January, is called Letting Go, or Quintessence.

I selected this particular elixir for this particular time as we are moving from one year to the next, from one decade into another.

There is something special about the dawning of each new year, but the birth of a new decade is even more special – even more of a time for letting go and ushering in. In and out, like the tide, like the pull of the moon.

How do we navigate change? For some, the end of this year may also mean the beginning of a new year without someone the presence of someone you loved. A father. A mother. A lover. A child. A sibling. A friend. But we are still here, and we have to be able to go on without them. We have to be able to welcome in the new day.

On a shoreline there is the sharp edge of rock slowly being softened by the rolling of the tide. Sharp edges softened. Loss gradually shaped into something we can carry within us without feeling a stab of pain with each intake of breath.

On a shoreline there is the sharp edge of rock slowly being softened by the rolling of the tide. Sharp edges softened. Loss gradually shaped into something we can carry within us without feeling a stab of pain with each intake of breath.

So many of the reasons why we may need to use Naturally Feminine Balm come with a whole lot of change and often a whole lot of pain. The pain of not wanting to initiate intimacy with a loved one for fear of the splitting, the burning it leaves behind. The sense of growing from mother to crone. The wondering for children never had. The wishing for the body we had at twenty.

This new year is a time to let all that suffering go. It is time to release the thoughts and stories that do not serve us well. This is a time to write new contracts with ourselves. To love the body we have even with all its flaws. It’s time to share with your loved one why you hesitate where once you played.

Letting Go or Quintessence Elixir is made from plant essences that can help with this release and with the strength needed for release and for facing the things that need to be faced. Plant essences create a quantum connection with plants, an energetic meeting of minds. They provide emotional support. They help us with that sense of oneness we shared with nature before there were machines and iphones and mindsets that made us seek separateness rather than union.

In herbal medicine, Cleavers is a plant that works with the lymphatic system to help rid the body of toxins and thus it seems so right that emotionally it helps us release the things that do not serve us well. Totara provides safe passage – the strength of the guardian, deep roots in earth, the perspective of treetops. Mallow soothes even the most inflamed of emotions as Self Heal helps us pick ourselves up and move on; helps us face the new day, a new year and a new decade.

This new year take a moment to sit in nature. Give yourself some time with your thoughts. Write down the things that are not serving you well and write a new set of contracts to live by. Those that embrace the uniqueness of you, that accept you - warts and all; that enable you to speak your truth with kindness.

It is no coincidence that I use this elixir as well when working at the bedside at the end of life. When my father died recently, I anointed his third eye and mine as death drew near. I wished for nature to give us both the courage to navigate his final transition. I pictured him supported by those trees and plants, the cooling protection of willow by a slow-moving stream, the strength of totara and the cleansing of cleavers. For him safe passage. For me the support I needed as alone I watched him leave.

Plant essences and elixirs can be used in many ways – let your soul speak and tell you which works for you: a few drops in water and sipped, a drop on the finger to anoint pulse and chakra points, drops in a diffuser to fill a room with blessings.

I teach techniques in my Flowers at the Bedside course. But most of all I teach you to trust your instincts and to trust in nature to help us through the tough stuff.

I hope that for you this new year will bring some joy, maybe even some release. I hope that it gives you time to reflect and to move forward with love in your heart. For yourself, for those you love and for those you have lost. I hope that it makes more room in your world for nature to be there for you. And you to be there for it. And to be able to see the rolling of the tide, rather than the sharpness of the rocks.

Georgina xxx

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