I’m proud to be able to make these new Archeus offerings available. Plant essences are powerful ways of connecting with the healing power of nature and these sets are carefully created to help you easily find your plant allies.

Somehow the timing of their release feels even more imbued with healing. My father sadly passed away two weeks ago. I was with him throughout the last three days of his life. During that profound experience I found comfort in the subtle energies of a selection of my plant essences. I didn’t need to use them all the time, but when I did use them, the feeling of support and connection with something so much bigger than us was palpable.

Over the past few months I have been working on these three plant essence sets. The Healers, The Storytellers and The Earth Mothers. I’ve designed the boxes, done the artwork, made the essences. Every step of this process I have approached consciously in sacred space. It is wonderful how nature reminds us of the primal cycles of life: that birth follows death. My father dies and a new offering for healing for others is born.

Plant essences are beautiful natural remedies that work at an energetic level to help us balance our emotional health and well-being by deepening our connection to the healing power of plants. You may be familiar with Bach’s Rescue Remedy, well that is a blend of plant essences and Dr. Edward Bach was instrumental in bringing this beautiful form of earth medicine to a wider audience in the first half of the 20th Century.

Take the healing power of nature with you, wherever you go

Archeus plant essences are handcrafted from organically grown and wildcrafted plant material harvested according to season and the lunar calendar. Each set contains three 10ml stock essence bottles of different plant essences, plus a leaflet with information on each plant essence and how to use them.

The three sets are summarised below. Over the coming weeks, I will delve into each plant ally in more detail.

 The Healers - Kawakawa, Kowhai and Totara protect and support us in times of change and help us move forward with a sense of peace and joy.

 The Earth Mothers - Houhere, Silver Birch and Violet have a deep feminine energy that protects, nurtures and celebrates all that it is to be woman.

 The Storytellers - Bee balm, Harakeke and Mullein help us to be heard, to listen well and to speak our truth with kindness.

The sets are available on the Archeus website. I am also running an Introduction to Plant Allies workshop on Saturday 12 October in the new Archeus Apothecary. Online courses will also be available soon.


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