If you thought that making things more environmentally sustainable means things cost more, think again.

At Archeus we’ve always placed nature at the heart of our business. This ethos drives our commitment to small-batch production to reduce waste, composting plant waste from our production processes, giving a portion of each purchase you make to plant conservation and habitat restoration work.

But we always strive to do more and so we reviewed our production processes and packaging and made some decisions to further increase sustainability and streamline production… and the good news is we’re able to pass the benefits of these efficiencies on to you.
By being even nicer to the planet, we’ve been able to reduce some of our prices. Yes. That’s right. In a world where costs always seem to go up – ours are coming down.


Our look gets a makeover !

We’ve simplified the labelling to be plain black and white on recycled paper. Previously our labels were laminated so that their look wasn’t affected by plant oils. But we figured that, like us, you wouldn’t mind your fingers leaving a few oil marks on your label if it means it’s helping the environment.
To reduce waste, we no longer have individual products in boxes. Instead, our 60ml jars and 50ml bottles will have a simple outer wrapping made from carbon neutral paper produced using FSC certified 100% post-consumer recycled pulp. We found that we boxed them and then had to wrap them in corrugated cardboard anyway when sending out orders. So, no boxes, no extra waste.
Our creams and some of our balms are going back to being in jars. This combined with the new labelling and wrapper has significantly reduced production costs and makes them easier to recycle or reuse.
By keeping our bottles and jars a standard size across our different products we are able to produce our range more efficiently, meaning wins for you as in a number of cases you get more product for less cost.
  • We still compost plant waste.
  • We still handcraft in small batches
  • We still give to plant conservation and habitat restoration work.
Some customers have asked if they can return our glass jars to us to reuse. Yes, if you would like to do that (at your own cost) we are happy to receive them. They can be sent to: Archeus, 24 Tauroa Road, Havelock North 4130. Please note we can only reuse jars, not the bottles so please place those in your recycle bin.


Giving back:

Your purchase helps this happen - the children at Argyll East Primary School are working hard on habitat restoration around the school. So far, Archeus proceeds have helped them build a new shade house, gardening equipment and plants.

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Small is beautiful

I hope you like our changes and how they help you and the environment. 

Small is beautiful and Archeus will always be a niche brand that delights in utilising herbal wisdom and traditional processes. Our range features botanically infused oils, natural and organic ingredients. Many of our products are vegan. We care deeply about keeping things pure and natural and working in a way that brings us all a little closer to nature for our beauty, health and wellbeing. 

Thank you for your support,

Georgina xx
Archeus founder

PS: we've also started a rewards system on our website - earn points with every purchase or when you refer a friend


Share the love - buy your bit of plant magic here.

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!