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New Archeus Production Studio

I have been crazy busy over the course of this year, but now I am starting to see the fruits of this labour reflected in business growth - so much so that I have had to take on a new production premises in addition to the the lovely Archeus Apothecary.

I will still run the Archeus workshops at the beautiful Archeus apothecary in Poraiti and much of my thinking, planning and R&D will continue to be done there. But all Archeus commercial production is now in this fabulous light and airy space just down the road.

Everything will continue to be made in-house in small, handcrafted batches but this new space just enables me to manage the making and storing much better, as the apothecary was starting to burst at the seams!

I also have the benefit of having fibre broadband now as opposed to the soul-destroyingly slow and unpredictable rural adsl internet service, so I hope this means I will be able to do more with my website, newsletters etc more easily as well.

This is a great step in the evolution of Archeus as it enables me to better mange production in a dedicated space, while also being able to create a gorgeous and sacred space in Poraiti for the Archeus workshops that I run.

It is a strange and wonderful thing building a business where before there was just a blank piece of paper and a dream. For the past few years I have been running and pulling Archeus along with me, now I am having to run to keep up with Archeus. Gotta love that!

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