Nature on your Healing Journey

Our mission is to help Nature help you through transitions. Many of our customers come to us as they journey through illness as the way we work with Nature resonates with the way they want to look after their body and soul.

We have curated this collection of products we have made in response to customer requests for beautiful, natural and high-quality products to use as their bodies recover from cancer treatment and other medical interventions.

This Cancer Wellness collection includes products for hair and scalp, aftercare for cosmetic tattoo procedures, serums and creams for the face, balms and serums for the breast area and a soothing balm for feminine dryness.

These products are complemented by our Plant Essences & Elixirs and our Shamanic Energy Medicine offering.

Archeus is a Finalist - Best New Premium Skin Care Product, 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

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