How to Use Plant Essences

Working with Plant Essences for Wellness

Plant essences are beautiful natural remedies. They work purely at an energetic level. Their unique energetic properties meld with your own energetic needs. The more we come to recognise a plant for its energetic ‘character’ as well as its physical form and therapeutic benefits, the more this form of healing opens up to us.

Dosage: regardless of whether you are using a single essence or a blend (we like to call these elixirs) you only need to add a couple of drops to water and sip. This isn’t like taking cough medicine!

Ways to use them: you can use Archeus plant essences and elixirs in many different ways including:adding a few drops to a water bottle and sipping through the day, anointing pulse points, anointing chakras, adding to your face cream, putting in an aroma diffuser (NB: it won't be fragrant), using as a meditation tool, in acute moment you could put drops directly on the tongue.

How to choose your essences

Some people feel drawn to just one plant for a particular need, while others feel like they need the supportive energy of a few plants; both approaches are absolutely fine. My recommendation is that if you choose to go down the multiple essences route, you try and limit your blend to no more than seven essences. I feel like any more than that creates energetic confusion.


An easy way to think about selecting plants essences for your own elixir blend is:

Step One – Ask yourself:

  1. What am I feeling right now? (be really present with this). Am I feeling scared, sad, angry, lost, tired etc?
  2. What do I want to feel? (really envisage what would feel best for you right now) I want to feel calm, strong, I want to communicate clearly, feel protected…
  3. Which plant do I have an affinity with? Which is the plant that will help me through this?
  4. What is the plant that will help me dream big? Which plant is going to help me create the world I want?

Step Two – Select the plants that resonate for you, being guided by the answers to your questions above (then you can start to narrow it down to:

  1. Plant for the Problem – which is the plant I feel will help me the MOST through this?
  2. Plant for Support – which is the plant that will help both me and also support the first plant?
  3. Plant for the Dream – which plant really opens me up to becoming and feeling what I want?

Tip: you can use a couple of different plants for some of these points if you need to.



Jenny has been having a series of meetings with a colleague she finds difficult. She feels like he talks over her, doesn’t listen and doesn’t take her contributions to meetings seriously. There is another meeting coming up and she wants to feel better about the meeting. She selects the following essences:

Plant for the Problem

She chooses Motherwort so she can listen to her inner voice of wisdom – the wise woman bravely standing her ground and taking no rubbish from anyone.

Plant for the Support

She chose Totara to stand guard and protect her, and keep an eye out so Motherwort could do her thing

Plant for the Dream

Jenny chose two plants: Mullein so she could listen well and speak her truth with clarity, and Evening primrose to help her remain flexible, open-minded and joyful.


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