I'm writing this on International Women's Day and reflecting on how the gorgeous women who are Archeus customers have helped shape the story of this woman and the work I do.

In my travels, I saw women around the world, just like me, who wanted to know that what they were put on and in their bodies was made from the purest organic and natural ingredients. Women who wanted a deeper connection with Nature to help them feel beautiful through the good times and the hard.

It's easy to be there for the good stuff, but I have created Archeus to help you through the tough stuff too. Archeus celebrates and supports real women living real lives. We are there in the messy stuff as well as the good times. We make things for the busy mums, wives, daughters looking after ailing parents. We make things for women coping with empty nests and for the women having to deal with no nest at all. We are there for women celebrating career moves and personal milestones, the birth of a child; we’re with women mourning the loss of a breast, a break-up, a bereavement and we’re there when embracing joy.

It's easy to be there for the good stuff, but I have created Archeus to help you through the tough stuff too.

 Archeus offers products, training, energy medicine and workshops.  We’ve been selected for international awards and we receive extraordinary feedback from our customers, and it was the simple act of listening to what women wanted, that helped us create the range we have today. Thank you for being part of that. 

Your needs have helped me create all our products. Products which are gaining international recognition - in fact today I have been advised that Archeus has been selected as a finalist for Best New Premium Skin Care Product at the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards.  

Located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, we make all our products from the finest ingredients and materials we can source from around the world, as well as plants growing organically right here on our property.

 What do we do? If you’ve been with us since the beginning in 2013 you’ll have seen us explore different ways we can work with Nature for beauty, health and well-being along the way. But the place that means the most to us, that means the most to me,  is the one where we are creating products to help you through different life transitions.

 Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:



We think that menopause is the most empowering transition in a woman’s life and we celebrate it. We also know that some of the symptoms can be a real nuisance and bit of a drag so we’ve created a range of products including balms, drops, teas and mists to help you with hot flushes, mood swings and dried up lady bits.

These products are complemented by our facial serums and creams for truly natural beauty at any age.



Sometimes there are bits that need an extra hand and so we have created a range of balms & serums to help get things back to beautiful.

Botanic Repair – FINALIST – BEST NEW PREMIUM SKINCARE PRODUCT – 2018 PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS. Cosmetic tattoo & micropigmentation are increasingly used to help after hair loss. Skin can be affected by medical interventions and this product is designed to soothe and support healing.

Halo Oil – a beautiful blend of botanically infused organic oils makes a natural and luxurious hair and scalp treatment. Can be used on all hair types and as hair is growing back after chemo.

Breast Balm – plants used throughout millennia to support and nourish women’s breasts and reproductive tract team up with plants used to support healing of scars and wounds.

Violet Leaf Breast Serum – harnessing ancient women’s wisdom and beautiful herbs to soothe and nourish the breast area.

We are also really proud of our tattoo and piercing aftercare balms and oils one of which was also recognised in international awards.

Dealing with grief, loss and lack of confidence are just some of the challenging emotions that come along with the business of living (and loving). Our Plant Essences and Elixirs can help and support you through different emotional states and complement other therapies you may be utilising. We make our essences only from plants growing on our property.
Many of the plants we work with have been selected for their intensely feminine and protective qualities. Plants in our range include Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Evening Primrose, Motherwort and Self-heal.


Each plant we use has a therapeutic benefit in herbal medicine, but we also see its energetic aspect that can offer support to help you with the tough stuff. We think of them as a hug in a bottle.

We have a range of elixirs as well as single essences. Our elixir blends include ‘Acceptance’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘I Can Do This’, ‘Goddess’, ‘Loving Me’ and ‘Intense Grief’.

Finding peace and healing within your emotional state at any time of life is important, but we also take particular care of our customers or their loved ones who may be nearing the end of their life, or who are dealing with loss and bereavement. Gaining a sense of peace and acceptance at this time is very sacred and can make a huge difference to all concerned.

Soon you will have the opportunity to become a certified Archeus Plant Essences & Elixir practitioner. Online and in person study options available from mid-2018.

 Finding peace and healing within your emotional state at any time of life is important, but we also take particular care of our customers or their loved ones who may be nearing the end of their life, or who are dealing with loss and bereavement.


Approaching the end of life is a natural but profound part of our life cycle. At Archeus we believe in the concept of 'healing into life and death' and that by working in gentle and subtle ways with Nature, this transition can be navigated with added care and compassion.

Our Anointing Oils help create loving touch for the living and a gentle goodbye for those who pass. Our Plant Essences, Elixirs and Energy work can help with emotional states, our mists and body washes refresh and cleanse with beautiful intent and finally, our Botanically Infused Shrouds* are a beautiful way to create a tender goodbye.

*Approved by the NZ Natural Burial organisation



We believe in handing knowledge on and run workshops in our beautiful apothecary building on our founder’s property in Hawke’s Bay, situated in a picturesque rural location just minutes from Napier and the Hawke’s Bay airport. We are also happy to look at possibilities to run some workshops in other parts of this beautiful country. See our website for details.



Archeus founder Georgina (that’s me!) is a reiki master and shamanic energy medicine practitioner trained by Alberto Villoldo at the prestigious Four Winds Light Body School.

Energy work can support you through key life transitions along all parts of the life cycle, from birth to death, grief to joy, executive stress to empty nest. I offer sessions in person or by distance. See the website for details.


So, in every way we can, we are weaving the healing power of Nature into every transition you make. We're not just trying to make people feel pretty, we are trying to support and help women to feel truly beautiful - inside and out.

To all the women in the world – we, I.... salute you.

Georgina xx

Archeus Founder


PS: If you want to see more of my story and some gorgeous photos of our the Archeus Apothecary (where we now hold workshops and energy consultations) check out the feature in the March/April issue of Life & Leisure magazine. Out now.

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!