I want to start off 2018 by saying thank you so much for your part in helping shape Archeus.  I should also say thank you to Stephen Levine for the beautiful book he wrote, from which I have respectfully stolen his title for the title of this blog.

Every purchase Archeus customers have made has helped me understand more about what it is that people are looking for when it comes to their skin. Over the past four years, I have explored different requests from customers for a range of products and services. Some have taken off and some haven’t but that’s all part of the journey. The constant throughout has been remaining true to our principles of working closely with Nature for our beauty, health and well-being.

At the end of 2013, I started off with some simple skin care products and over time created products from beautiful herbs and botanical extracts to help with specific conditions and needs ranging from eczema, to menopause symptoms, to grief. I also responded to requests for tattoo aftercare, which ended up getting Archeus recognised in some UK awards for Best New Natural Product released globally! I've run workshops, created textiles and offered reiki energy sessions.

Life Happens

Life is what happens to all of us and so during this time I have also lost my mother to illness, supported my father as his dementia worsened, got married and have been journeying through menopause. I have found that these experiences, these transitions in their varied forms, have taken their place alongside other experiences before them and shaped my thinking as to where I want to take Archeus from here.

For those of you who know Archeus, you will know that I have said I will be dedicating the business to what I believe my path as a healer and plant person is.  Archeus is coming of age and this is how it will look:

The Archeus Tattoo and Aftercare Range has proved very popular. I am looking at setting up its own dedicated site, that can also be linked to from the current Archeus site.

The main Archeus website and range will focus on Women’s Wellness, Archeus Plant Essences, Workshops and Reiki energy sessions. I will explain this a little more – I am going to decrease the emphasis on beauty and skincare and increase the focus on wellness.

I’m going to discontinue some of the moisturisers and mists. I fell into the trap of trying to meet everyone’s requests for a cream for this or an oil for that –  and in doing so I inadvertently adhered to the beauty industry myth that you need LOADS of different products. Well, maybe you do if they are all made from synthetic stuff, but Archeus products are made from premium quality natural and organic ingredients. With such gorgeous herbs, extracts resins etc infused with the Archeus, the vital force, I just don't think it is necessary to have a large number of products. I started to question why I was making all these different things; so the facial skincare range will simplify down to just a few products. A small but perfectly formed collection of products for the face!

I will however, be expanding my Menopause Wellness Range. I love being able to cater to women’s needs during this time and I feel there is a real need for premium natural and organic products created for this time of life. My products work at both a physiological and emotional level - skin and soul food! With this in mind, I want to help menopause become regarded as a time of empowerment rather than diminishment.

I have noticed that unfortunately many women at this time in life also find themselves dealing with some sort of medical intervention and so I am complementing the menopause range with a few products and services that may help and nourish body and soul on the journey from illness back to wellness.

Archeus Plant Essences & Elixirs will be introduced. I am very excited about making these available. Years ago, in whilst living in the UK I trained with the Bach Centre in Bach flower remedies and have used them ever since. But now my own relationship with the plant world has deepened so much that I see their energetic properties along with their other beneficial properties. I started making my own plant and flower remedies which I have been including in many of the Archeus products. These are like a hug in a bottle or a cloak of protection, they are Nature in a bottle helping you at difficult times. In a few weeks you will be able to purchase these essences, both in the form of single remedies and blended elixirs. I will also be offering workshops and training in them. These are beautiful essences and I use them extensively, including in the Reiki healing treatments I give.

Speaking of Reiki, my practice as a Reiki Master, offering distance and in-person sessions, has grown over the past year and you are welcome to contact me by email to make appointments. Now I am studying with the prestigious Four Winds School in the USA in order to further develop my energy work and I look forward to this augmenting my current practice. I love this direct engagement with my customers and clients.

And finally, I am launching Archeus Natural Transitions, which is dedicated to end of life transitions of those passing and their loved ones left behind. Life to death, love to grief, holding on to letting go… these life transitions can be times of infinite tenderness, or unresolved anger. Times of recollections and times of sorrow. Too often these transitions are seen as difficult to talk about and Nature seems left behind for more clinical spheres.

I believe we all have the right to die in a state of grace and I believe we need to help those left behind as well as those leaving. We also need to support the amazing people who work in hospices and hospitals around the country, as well as those who care for loved ones at home. I will be working with the oneness of Nature to create products and services to offer help and support at this time. More details on this will follow shortly.

So, there is much happening. If you've made it this far through this post - thanks so much for sticking with me! I'd love to know what you think of the new plans - just leave a comment below or email me direct.

Archeus celebrates menopause. It supports tender and natural care at the end of life both for those dying and for those left behind. It makes it OK to talk about these very natural aspects of life. It is a hug in a bottle, a caress in a textile, a kind energy, a tender goodbye.

I will keep you posted as new products arrive and old ones disappear. Before I make the changes to the Archeus website you will have a chance to get some bargains on products that will be discontinued. 

With love,

Georgina xx



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  • Congratulations! You really are an angel ?
    I’m already so grateful for your menopause cream, and very excited to learn of new stuff to help me through my struggles with this stage in my life. ?

    Donna O’Sullivan on

  • Through my journey working with women to make them feel better about themselves externally ,I am blessed to have found such an amazing person Georgina who can work with these beautiful goddesses from the inside as well as the outside.
    I am so excited to promote such great quality products and especially to embrace menopause as a positive journey of change.

    Julie on

  • You are truly inspirational Georgina and as I read your blog I had tears in my eyes. It is an exciting time and I look forward to sharing your journey.

    Meg on

  • Congratulations Georgina. The beginning of another EXCITING phase in your evolvement. It will fly!

    Robyn on

  • Wow, how amazing, and I am inspired by you and your courage and strength, I am looking forward to following your journey and seeing where it takes you sending love and admiration

    Ang on

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!