Yesterday Bonnie the Dog and I took a little time to absorb the greenness radiating from this tree. The light was intense (no filter used here) and the moment was beautiful.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra. Did you know that hemoglobin in our blood and chlorophyll in plants is almost identical? The main difference is that in mammals, it is built around iron (Fe) while in plants it is built around magnesium (Mg). Hemoglobin transports oxygen around the body, while chlorophyll is engaged in photosynthesis.

We are all taught at school that as plants photosynthesize they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air. Without them we would not have oxygen. We were made to live side by side - each giving life to the other. It's important to remember that.

Green is a colour of unconditional love. So how come we started placing so many conditions on plants?  'You can't grow here', 'we must be here not you', 'you take up too much space', 'we're going to spray you with chemicals'.... We've totally missed the point and now we are paying the price.

Without plants of all shapes and sizes, we are nothing. Without pollinators such as insects and birds, or transportation when a seed catches on fur or clothing, there will be no plants. Everything is connected.

This is a somewhat simplistic rant, but the facts are simple.... with no Nature there is no us.

So show some love: nurture a tree, don't spray all the insects in your house, buy organic so you are helping reduce this chemical death of our fundamental life systems, reduce your intake of meat and dairy to help prevent clearing of forests for pastures and the massive impacts on water. Get rid of the products in your home that are full of chemicals that disrupt and kill. You do realize that things like triclosan in your shower gel don't stop killing when they reach waterways....

Green is the colour of the heart chakra. The colour of love. The colour of symbiosis. What is one thing you'll do today to show some love to something green? Get us inspired and share you action below.

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