The other day someone contacted me asking if they could have an $80 gift card for a friend. I didn't have any but, couldn't quite understand why not!!!

So after a bit of time creating the artwork and sending it off to the lovely team at Copyplus in Hastings to print, I now have gift cards available on the Archeus website.

The cards are available in $50, $80 and $100 amounts. You should find them on each product section tab. They can be used to purchase (or contribute towards purchasing) anything on the Archeus website: yummy skin care products, smudge sticks, tattoo balm, even a place at an Archeus workshop.... you name it.

Personalise the card for your friend
Each card has its own unique code that the bearer will use when going through checkout. So if you want to have a code that is something that the person you are giving it to will enjoy - just let me know by adding it into the instructions/comments box as you go through checkout. It could be their name, nickname, sporting hero, muse, favorite plant.... what ever you like!

I've got to hand it to the customer who made the request in the first place. Thank you. Gift cards are so obvious to do but sometimes well, you just can't see the glorious wood for the beautiful trees!!!

Oh and one more thing. The image on the back of the card is of my mother's garden. She created this beautiful wildflower cottage garden out of a wasteland bit of old paddock next to my parents' house. It was fabulous and she did it all while battling cancer. I think the process of coaxing beauty out of chaos was very healing for her. She was an extraordinary woman.

Here are links to each gift card:

Picture: my mum's garden.

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!