How can Nature help us get through the tough stuff? 

I get asked this question many times and so I have put this short video together for you to help answer the question.



Once we start to reshape our relationship with the Natural world around us, we can start to find our own inner strength and purpose. We can start to heal after trauma and we can feel less alone.

I know because this is what happened to me. I turned to Nature as a child after I had been raped in a barn at the age of seven. Yes, it was crap and yes life goes on. The point is, during that experience, I left my body and floated above the crime that was taking place. It was then that I first learned about the power of energy to move through all things.

I think that moment put me on the path of the Wounded Healer and made me eventually take my place in the daisy chain of healers, shamans and medicine men and women stretching back through time.

Afterwards, I couldn't tell my parents about what happened and so I found solace with Nature. The more time I spent with Nature, the more I started to see and feel the unique energetic vibration of each plant and I started to learn how each may, or may not help me. I understood the oneness of all things. I started to heal.

Now in my 50s, I am ready to share what I have learned with you. I'd love to help you connect to Nature for your own well-being. I want to introduce you to the plant healers I have been fortunate enough to meet in my life in the hope that they can also help you fulfill your soul's purpose.

I just love the different energy of plants. There are the strong silent types, the joyous carefree ones, the take-no-shit-from-anyone ones, the protectors, the big grandmother-hug ones,  the soothers and the cleansers, to name but a few. They can really help us through the tough stuff and they can do it alongside other support you may be getting from other professionals.

So if you are interested in looking into this a little further, I recommend that you read the profiles of the Archeus range of Plant Essences and Elixirs. Under the Soul Food tab on the Archeus website, you'll find our range of single Plant Essences and our Plant Elixir blends. You'll also find training under our Workshops tab, and if you have any questions do feel free to email me.

You could also sign up to our Plant Essence list to receive more info about each plant we work with and how you can work with them too.

 Georgina x


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