Heartbreak. Grief. Overwhelm. Lost dreams. The end of innocence. Does the forest hear the sounds of breaking hearts?

I think it does. Do you?

When I was a child, an only child, threatened into silence... my innocent world crumbling around me and no one to talk to... it was Nature that heard my silent cries, the breaking of my heart.

I asked for help and Nature gave it to me.
My heart let Nature in and time deepened the bonds and healed the wounds. Yes, they are still there but they don't own me anymore.

Now I'm in my 50s and I'm finally finding the words with which to articulate the extraordinary and transformational power of Nature and its ability to help heal our traumas and give us the power of recognizing our soul journey.

Can you picture your life enriched by the deepening of your own bonds with Nature? How would your heart space feel if you could develop your own awareness of the unique energetic resonance of different plants, trees, rocks, landscapes?

How would it feel to know that by tapping into Nature, you will never need to feel alone?

Archeus is the manifestation of the many years of my deep and deliberate relationship with Nature. A relationship that has existed in years of city life as well as my rural one. Each product I make is imbued with the healing power of plants. The plant essences and elixirs capture the spirit of plants and transform them into a portable 'hug in a bottle'.
My workshops enable the sharing of my earth medicine knowledge with intimate groups of people.

Maybe my offerings could help you.... help You too?

If you sign up for the Archeus newsletter you will be able to take advantage of early booking offers on workshops (summer schedule will be released soon) and exclusive offers on my range.

I'd love to hear how Nature has helped you, or what you feel you would like from Nature but don't know how to activate. Leave a comment below and if you could take a moment to share this post with a friend who you think may find the Archeus offering helpful, well that would just be beautiful.

Georgina xx

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!