Coronavirus has made many people ‘get back to basics’ and I love that aspect of it, don’t you? We have been shown the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. We have been shown simplicity. A reset. A return to wholeness.

Lockdown reveals truths – about how we live and how we do business. How we interrelate to other human beings and to the world around us.

We have been shown night skies with stars, the majesty of the Himalayas, the secrets at the bottom of Venetian canals. Where vacuums have been created, nature has returned. We ask ourselves, “How can we use this time to change?”, “How can we be better citizens of this Earth?”, “What will we choose to return to?”.

Archeus will not be the same as it was, but in truth – I think it has become something better.

I have been exploring what this means for me as a person, as a healer and as a businessperson. What is my path through this? What is the path I can walk with integrity and grace? How can I assist you as you walk your path?

T.S. Eliot said, “Do I dare disturb the universe? We shall not cease from exploration and the end of our exploring will be to arrive where we start and know the place for the first time.”

It has been against the backdrop of disrupted supply chains, closing borders and widening uncertainty – the not being able to get the things I need to do ‘normal’ business, that I  have been exploring my own wishes, desires and motivations for doing what I do.

The more I explored, the simpler it became:

I was shown once again that my fundamental reason for working with nature is to work with the wholeness of plants and the landscape to help support the wholeness of the person. I found myself back where this journey started. I returned to wholeness.

And this will mean some changes in what Archeus delivers. There may be some losses for you, but I believe there will be many more gains.

  • I want to do more with less
  • I want to cater for the wholeness of individuals: body, beauty, soul, spirit, energy and their/your relationship with the natural world.
  • I want to be part of the change we are wishing for right now.

So what does this mean for you?


By reducing the general ‘off the shelf” range it means I can reduce impacts on and off supply chains. I am sorry if this means that I am no longer making products you have used and loved but you may find my new offering even more compelling, more special, more about just you and your relationship to this spinning and wonderous planet we call home.

By reducing things down I am able to do the following:

  • Require less volumes of packaging materials (many of which need to be imported)
  • Use more plants growing organically in my garden (and require less raw ingredients from overseas)
  • Focus on each customer as an individual and create for their unique need



Archeus will no longer sell wholesale to other outlets. You will only be able to purchase via my websites and listings. Why? Well, wholesaling creates pressure on supply chains due to having to produce bigger and bigger volumes of product. Staying with that model flies in the face of what lockdown has taught us.

The Archeus core range will be reduced down to ‘The Essentials’. Five products and the range of plant essences and elixirs. Each product is made from the purest natural and organic ingredients I can source. There will be occasional seasonal offers of products made from ingredients I have personally harvested locally.

The ultimate in personalised care for body, beauty and spirit:

The Astrobotanics – Return to Wholeness offering will be launched. This is the ultimate in personalised products for you as a whole person: body, beauty, soul, energy, spirit. The Archeus range evolved out of people coming to me and asking if I could help them with different issues of body or soul. And so I am returning to that genesis. I’m returning to offering a completely personalised natural offering for beauty, soul, energetics – the whole of the plant for the whole of the person. Astrobotanics means that you will receive products handcrafted just for you.


Sharing skills:

Lockdown has also shown us how many items we are not able to access and how many people have enjoyed a renaissance of making things for themselves and this has acted as a catalyst for creating more time to share knowledge and to provide coaching.

Many people have experienced and enjoyed my workshops and seminars and I love sharing knowledge and helping people discover the plant world as healers. And so by reducing my need to keep makes large volumes of product, I am able to increase the time I can give to teaching through online portals. In the future when we can share physical space again, I will also run workshops again.

My teaching will be via my website. Courses will cater for personal and business needs. From learning how to make your own natural skincare, to getting your business online, and to learning how to identify and understand your business impacts on nature so that you can do something to reduce them.

In lockdown we glimpsed through a window a world with less pollution, less consumption. In a strange way we found deeper connections, to each other and to nature. So many of us saying that they hope things will not go back to as they were. Archeus will not be the same as it was, but in truth – I think it has become something better.

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  • Thank you beautiful firstly for your wonderful email and secondly to speak from the heart no bells and whistle it is what it is. I too have considerable time to reflect on what was , how I allowed the life of working 5 days a week full time , take away the need to be one with nature and to stay self sufficient OMG I so learnt th hard way. So old veggie garden has been turned over and a few plants have been planted from now on if I cant eat it why plant it, but then I also need plants that maybe able to use to create skin care or a natural perfume … the door is open to many possibilities.. has again opened for me. I look forward to what evolves take care be safe. -Robyn

    Robyn Atkenson on

  • Hi Georgina,

    I think the new adjustments a lovely idea – inspiring, compact, simplistic yet powerfully, meaningful and purposeful an overall neat idea!

    Raewyn on

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