Coming soon: Georgina's Soul Garden podcast will be a mix of interviews, meditations and features on topics that highlight ways we can work with Nature for our beauty, health and well-being. Interviews with experts about gardens, menopause, birth and death and profiles of people passionate about making the world a better, kinder place.

While waiting for the podcast to become available, here are some meditations and interviews for you.


2020 got off to a profound and troubling start. Our world is burning. With fire there is loss, sorrow, fear. After fire there is growth, renewal and repair. This guided meditation is in response to the fires burning in Australia, the Amazon and other parts of the world. It leads to a prayer for this world and to a meditation on being the Change you want for this world.






In 2018 Duncan Garner interview Georgina on the TV3 Breakfast Programme. Check it out on the link here:

Back in 2015 I spoke at a conference called Sense of Place, about the importance of working with Nature rather than against it, and how it shaped my business thinking. Here is that presentation on National Radio. My bit starts at 22.51.


Georgina x

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