Sometimes it is really hard to know just how artisan, artisan goods actually are.

I was going through some photos today and thought that you might enjoy seeing these pictures of the Matcha grindstones being prepared in Japan. I took these photos while staying at the tea plantation I source my Archeus Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha from.

The photos show the beautiful handcarved granite grindstones used to grind sencha tea into the fine, beautiful powder that is matcha tea. Each grindstone weights around 24kgs and stays true to tradition by being meticulously handcarved. The stonecarver is one of a few remaining in what is sadly a dying art. Thankfully though the family that run the plantation see the value in tradition and act almost as patrons - enabling him to carve their stones and also others for soba mills as well.

It is not just the granite stone he turns his attention to; he spends a great deal of time carefully selecting the Japanese oak he uses to carve the spigots. Every step of the process is one of artisan skill and great attention to detail.

I love how this family-run, organic plantation retains the traditions of tea growing in Japan - the premium grade of matcha I stock is handpicked (and certified organic), the grindstones are handcarved and many of the pickers still wear traditional costume when picking.


What a wonderful celebration of the artisan tradition and lovely image to hold in your mind as you take a sip of mindfulness with our Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!