2016 here we come

Archeus founder Georgina Langdale

At last! A very warm welcome to the beginning of another year. I hope that you had a good holiday break and that it was a time for friendships, family and relaxing. We have had friends and family staying and dropping by over the past couple of weeks, and now it is back to focussed work here in the Archeus apothecary.

I have heard a number of people say they are glad to see the back of 2015. For me 2015 was a complex year but in it there were some gems. The Archeus apothecary building was built. I love working in this space. It is in the gardens and has a beautiful ambience. I love seeing all the jars of healing herbs lined up, and opening up a pantry cupboard to the scent of essential oils. I believe that the feeling of peace in this building works its way into every product I make. I think that the fact the building is placed amongst beds of wonderful plants such as echinacea for immunity, comfrey for tissue repair, melissa for alleviating stress, motherwort for helping ease the passage through menopause, St John’s wort for nerves,  also makes a difference to the end products. I feel there is a sense of healing without and within. Archeus is a building, an ethos and an idea deeply rooted within its landscape. I love that.

Last year was the second year of Archeus as an entity and I was delighted when my Vital Ink Tattoo Conditioning Oil was selected for Best New Natural Product in some UK awards that recognise ‘the most exciting, innovative and efficacious’ new products released globally. I was hugely proud of that achievement. I was also very appreciative of being chosen as a finalist for the Sustainable Business Network’s 2015 Sustainability Champion Award. It can be quite tough at times trying to build a new business from scratch and so these acknowledgements help provide some fuel for the engine!

I am looking forward to what 2016 may bring. I will continue to handcraft the Archeus range of products. I am also going to be bringing some new products into the range, from delicious artisan perfume oils, to gorgeous facial oils, and some new balms and salves to help with common skin issues. So often, when people ask me what I do, they respond with “can you help me with problem x,y or z?” I really love that and keep the question in mind as I develop new products. Herbs aren’t a panacea or a magic-fix. Like everything they have their limitations, but I like delving into history to see what plants were used for various common skin conditions and complaints, I love seeing how they were used in ritual and I love working on formulations to bring this historical knowledge to our modern lives.

For me this year is also about not only making beautiful products, but also sharing ways in which we can connect with Nature. I am working on some exciting things including new products, writing, workshops, treatments (yes!) and conservation activity.  I think of this collectively as ‘Nature wisdom for Modern Living’ – so stay tuned for more details!

I do hope Archeus has something for you in 2016. And if you do like what Archeus offers, please do help spread the word by sharing the website among your friends, liking the Facebook page, or telling your favourite shop that they simply MUST stock Archeus! For a small business like this, every little act of support helps.

I also hope that you get all that you wish for in 2016. And if at any time you find yourself in doubt over anything, just take a walk in Nature. Take a moment to breathe Nature in, to simply ‘be’ with Nature… and you might just find the answers you are looking for.

Georgina xxx

New Year OFFER

2016 is going to be a beautiful year and we are celebrating by giving a free gift, as well as free postage, with every order over $75 during January. The gift maybe a little handcrafted perfume oil, or a travel sized pot of moisturiser, or a small serve of an Archeus tea blend… it’s a lucky dip!

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