I am very sad today to learn of the passing of a great man, Ranui Toatoa.

Ranui is from Hawke's Bay and worked for Nga Whenua Rahui in this region. He was deeply committed to this region and working for the good of this land and its people.

I was introduced to Ranui by the lovely Whetu Tipiwai who also sadly passed away this year. They both welcomed my ideas for the Raukawa Conservation Project, for my wish to bring this tree back into this landscape. Ranui was generous with his knowledge and support and gave me the courage to do what I can to bring this project to being,

As these two great trees have fallen, I look forward to new life, new Raukawa growing in this region to mark their lives and their energy and their love of this place.

My thoughts are with Ranui and Whetu and their familes, with Mike Mohi and the others of Nga Whenua Rahui who carry on with such important work, and how we as people, as caretakers for future generations can give back to this land that nurtures us.

Go well my friends.

The Raukawa Tree

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