We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist by judges of the international 2015 Pure Beauty Awards!

We are a finalist in the Best New Natural Product category. Based in the UK, the awards are in their 14th year and recognise the most exciting, innovative and efficacious beauty products launched internationally within the last year. All finalists are featured in the September edition of Pure Beauty magazine. Winners will be announced at a swanky awards night event at the Savoy in London at the end of October.

Archeus was revealed in the awards shortlist in the UK on Friday. Reflecting the way tattoos are becoming mainstream, the product selected is the Archeus Vital Ink Tattoo Conditioning Oil. Archeus founder, Georgina Langdale, developed this product in response to demand for a high quality natural product to help heal new tattoos and condition old favourites.


Now the public can vote for their favorite product online until midday 21 September, London time. Show your support for Archeus by clicking on this link to vote

"I am absolutely delighted that Archeus has been selected as a finalist in these very important awards. I love that a small rurally-based handcrafted products company in New Zealand can take on the world!" - Georgina, Founder of Archeus.

Launched in 2013, Archeus products such as Vital Balm have already been proving popular for people looking for a natural alternative to help ease the effects of conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. So when approached by Stefan Sinclair of Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland and asked if I could make something for tattoos, I welcomed the suggestion.

R&D on the project took over two years of experimentation and refinement and Archeus Vital Ink Tattoo Conditioning Oil was released in April this year.

“For me there are two aspects to this product,” says Georgina, “one is selecting the herbs and oils to use to create the right efficacy and feel, but the other was how it opened a door into working with women who have had treatment for breast cancer.”

Women who have undergone mastectomy procedures for breast cancer often opt for having areola tattooed on reconstructed breasts. Some women take this further and use tattoo as a way of reclaiming their bodies and ‘writing over the cancer’. During development of the product, I worked with one such woman who used it to help heal an extensive and beautiful tattoo she had as part of her journey back to health.

The fact that our oil is natural and organic, and that Archeus places a lot of emphasis on our connection to nature, became an important part of her healing journey. That meant so much to me, not just to see her heal, but also to see how much that link to nature meant to her.

Since its launch we have been getting great feedback from other users and now some tattoo artists are also using it while tattooing.

Vital Ink Tattoo Conditioning Oil and our Vital Ink Tattoo Balm are available online here on the Archeus website. If you are interested in stocking these products contact Georgina via the phone or email listed on this website. large


Some customer feedback on Archeus Vital Ink products for tattoo after care.

 “This oil saved me! I was a tattoo newbie and expected the inking to hurt but was unprepared for the itching and burning afterwards. This was the third product I tried on my new tattoo and it was by far the best. The oil was so soothing to the burn and the itch, and my tattoo healed much faster than they said it would, so I assume it helped with the healing as well. I will buy this as a gift for any friend who gets a tattoo (not sure I'll get another tattoo myself...). Thanks so much!”

“I used this balm after trying two other products to help with the burning and itching--and healing--process. Not only did it work beautifully, it was also beautiful to use--lovely scent, lovely feel, and ooh how it helped. Thank you thank you!”

“I have had a lot of ink put on my body. As a result, I have tried a range of tattoo aftercare. This balm is magic. Non greasy, stops the itching, keeps the ink moisturised. Simply said, it works. I keep a pottle around for other things as well. It works wonders on itchy bites, and I had my husband put it on the contact dermatitis that started under his wedding band with great results. I think this product and the Vital Balm should be part of everyone's home first aid kit. I love it.”

 Archeus is a term coined in the 16th Century for the 'vital force' in man, nature and the universe. All Archeus products are developed and handcrafted in the Archeus apothecary set amid 5 acres of gardens in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. A portion of proceeds from every product sold goes towards Archeus plant conservation projects. 


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