Learn the art of distilling

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own hydrosols? Or wanted to find out about the fine art of distilling? Here's your chance!

Come and learn the art of distillation at the Archeus Apothecary in Poraiti near Napier, on Saturday 19 September. We're delighted to host Alembics NZ to run one of their fabulous workshops. We will run it in our gorgeous new apothecary. Hopefully by 19 September spring will be springing in the gardens and so we can find lots of plants to work with on the day. One thing for sure is that we have loads of rosemary and lavender ready to use.

We have bought two stills (so far!) from Alembics NZ for making hydrosols and other delightful bits and pieces from plants growing in our garden and herbs we use in the apothecary. It is great fun and deeply satisfying so we are really looking sharing the love and the fun.

For bookings go to the Alembics NZ website:

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