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On animal testing

The NZ government passed a bill last night to ban animal testing of cosmetics. We've now joined company with the EU, India, Israel and Norway who have already put the ban in place. Well done.

I've never understood how people can think it is OK to use animals to test new chemical developments on. Call me old fashioned, but if a cosmetics ingredient is developed that is toxic enough to create severe health issues in an animal, then it figures it is never going to be any good for our skin and bodies anyway. And, given the skin is the largest organ in the body and anything you put on your skin is taken up into cells and your bloodstream, doesn't it make sense to use natural ingredients that come with centuries of wisdom as to how to use them?

Yes, there are plants that are toxic and can be harmful – but that is where all those centuries of wisdom come into use to inform dosage, contraindications and where and when to use a plant, or not use it. In addition, when you use a natural plant ingredient you are using its broad chemical spectrum (not just isolating one compound) and this means that some of the more ‘toxic’ compounds such as alkaloids are held in concert with other constituents which, put simply, can keep them in balance and they all support each other in doing the good stuff. Imagine the bassoon part in a symphony, it sounds great when played with all the other instruments, but put it in a room on its own and it makes no sense (no offence to bassoon players!). It’s kind of like that.

So it is great to see that gradually countries are starting to ban animal testing. Let's see some more take action.


  • Georgina Langdale
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