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Little drops of magic

A few days ago we were making some of our new Aura Sprays and just loved this moment when we first added the Sandalwood essential oil to the floral waters.

We have three new Aura Sprays and just as soon as the labels arrive we will be putting them up online. They are made from floral waters and special blends of essential oils and bach flower remedies to help make your day just that little bit more magic.

In fact we have been pretty busy lately. Here is a photo of our gorgeous new Vital Ink Tattoo Balm being made. We have been working on this balm and conditioning oil for awhile now and reckon it is now pretty darn good. It really soothes a new tattoo and helps take away the itch. It is also lovely to use on existing tattoos to keep them in tip top condition. We'll post more about this when it is ready to go online.... it is coming soon!!

And then we have also been busy harvesting plants to make tinctures - like this basket of Hawthorn berries from the Archeus gardens. We are lucky enough to have three or four Hawthorn trees on our property. Hawthorn offers up its leaves, flowers and berries as medicine for the heart, matters of the heart, and the circulatory system. Even the physical presence of the Hawthorn suggests protecting and helping the heart – it is quite a densely growing tree and has (as the name suggests!) thorns to protect its own interior space. It is a favourite medicinal tree here at Archeus.

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