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A couple of months ago I spoke at a conference called Sense of Place, about the importance of working with Nature rather than against it, and how it shaped my business thinking. You can now hear that presentation on National Radio.

I was really privileged to be on this panel with three other successful small town New Zealand business people to discuss what role location plays in the nature and philosophy of their businesses. The panellists are David Trubridge, furniture maker in Havelock North; Glenn Schaeffer, a businessman and arts philanthropist based in Nelson; Georgina Langdale of Archeus in Hawke's Bay; Davey Hughes of Swazi in Levin; Bryan Cadogan, Mayor of Clutha and demographer Dr Tahu Kukutai.

Here's the link to the presentation. I hope you make time to listen to all the speakers. My bit starts at 22.51.


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