Over the past 14 months, Archeus has taken part in a pilot project run by the Sustainable Business Council to trial the Ecosystem Services Review tool that has been developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute.

Most businesses will have an impact on the environment and are dependent on ecosystem services in some way. This project supported Archeus, Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd, Contact, Fonterra and URS to test integrating an 'ecosystem approach' into their business management

The Ecosystems Services Review tool supports improving both business and environmental performance and long term sustainability. Some of the benefits of the tool include:

  • Providing a valuable road map for addressing regulatory requirements such as the RMA
  • Highlighting potential business and environmental risks and opportunities.
  • Supporting other types of company reporting. 

Archeus founder, Georgina, was already familiar with the tool through her work with the United Nations Environment Programme prior to returning to NZ in 2011. In fact she helped develop and lead the Business and Biodiversity Project for the SBC. Landcare Research did a fantastic job coaching the companies through the technical aspects of the approach.

It was a complete ‘no-brainer’ for Archeus to adopt an ecosystems approach as it a core part of the company ethos. It was great to be part of the project and hear how the other companies involved were using the tool and how it was informing their business decision-making. It was a very positive experience and a big high five to the companies that took part, and to SBC for taking the initiative to run the project in the first place!

You can read the Archeus case study here


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