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Anima Pet Balm launched

We have had many stories from customers who have found our Archeus Vital Balm to be effective in helping alleviate symptoms from skin conditions such as eczema. Some customers also starting using the balm on their pets to help provide natural relief from rashes or skin irritations. Interest grew from there. Demand for the balm for much loved pets has been so great that we have now launched our Anima Vital Pet Care line - starting with our Anima Pet Balm.

Anima Pet Balm is packed full of all the certified organic and natural plant oils and extracts that we use in our Archeus range for people, after all why should we keep the best just for us, when our pets are such an important part of our family?

Herbs such as comfrey and plantain are rich in minerals such as zinc and iron, and renowned for their qualities and tissue healers and soothing agents. Chickweed is legendary for its ability to soothe itchy skin conditions. We have also added a selection of essential oils chosen specifically for their antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

You can buy Anima Pet Balm direct from us online and soon it will be available from selected stockists. Don’t forget, when you buy any product from our Anima and Archeus lines, a portion of proceeds from your purchase goes towards Raukawa tree conservation activity we have set up and support in Hawkes Bay. This is a thank you gift from us to Mother Earth.

We do recommend that to ensure the best health decisions for your pet, you consult your veterinarian.

[Puffle the puppy has grown into the gorgeous Archeus Pooch and loves the Pet Balm. Clyde the Wonderdog sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but he used to like our early editions of the balm on some of his lumps and bumps.] Woof!

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