Archeus moving to Hawke's Bay

Archeus founder, Georgina Langdale, came back to New Zealand to build her dream of a place in the countryside where she could build her business making natural products for humans and animals, where she could get her hands into the soil and grow many of the plants herself and then handcraft the products onsite.

Geography sometimes doesn’t go quite according to plan and she ended up moving from Hawke's Bay to Wellington, and what followed was a year and a half of commuting back and forth to access the plants she was growing on her parents’ farm and developing the Archeus Raukawa conservation project.

But, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and on October 1 Georgina and her partner Al, will move themselves and Archeus to a 5.5 acre lifestyle block at Poraiti, near Napier in Hawke's Bay.

Georgina is delighted with Archeus’s new home:

“I am so happy we have found this place. The property will enable us to grow our healing herbs for Archeus products all onsite. We are also converting a building on the property into the handcrafted manufacturing and admin HQ for Archeus, and we will have some nursery space for the Raukawa conservation project. But what makes it even more special is that I grew up on a farm in Hawke's Bay. This is my place, these hills have nurtured me, and it was this landscape I missed in the years I was living overseas.

At Archeus we believe that as Nature provides, so Archeus gives back. We will grow our plants biodynamically so that we work with nature’s rhythms rather than against them. By bringing our home, the gardens and Archeus HQ all onto one site we look forward to creating a healing haven for the people, plants and animals we love, and I am sure that this ethos will find its way into every handcrafted Archeus product that we make.”

Archeus moves to Hawke's Bay on 1 October 2014.

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  • I think the universe has a way of showing you a direction and reading this sounds like a wonderful progression of exactly that. Looking forward to more Blogs about the land, your products and how it all develops!


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