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NEW! For sensitive skin

I love all the products we make here at Archeus HQ and I use all of them. But my personal skin issue is sensitive skin. It goes red, it can feel dry and then, just to really annoy me, it can feel kind of greasy sometimes (do you get that make-up slipping off feeling at times?). My skin is also my own personal Karma Control - if I have been naughty and perhaps eaten too much chocolate or had a glass of wine too many it will break out. And also well, how to say this delicately, I am moving through my 40's and so my hormones are hmm, playing up! My GP told me I was peri-menopausal. What this all adds up to is me being a pretty good guinea pig for skin care!

My current 'go-to' in the Archeus range is something I have been making and using over the past few months. Now I have decided to make it available online as well. It really is just too good to keep to myself! It is the new Handcrafted Vital Oil for sensitive skin

It is a gorgeous delicate, gentle and healing blend of organic camellia oil which has been imbued with the wonderful qualities of fresh comfrey leaf, chickweed and nettle, and vitamin E plus a few drops of chamomile essential oil to top it off. The comfrey, chickweed and nettle all come from the Archeus plot in Hawkes Bay, plus we add comfrey from the gardens here at Archeus HQ.

Nettle!?  Well the lovely and much maligned Urtica dioica or nettle is a very misunderstood plant! Nettles have been used for centuries for removing uric acid wastes from the body. This includes gouty deposits, eczemas and skin rashes, as well as gravel in the kidneys. So it actually can help clear skin irritations. It is also a wonderful spring tonic and a lovely vegetable steamed or made into a soup (at Archeus HQ we are very partial to a cup of nettle tea). 

It does seem weird to put oil onto sensitive skin but don't knock it until you try it! Just a few drops of this is all you need. I just give a quick roll with the handy applicator thing on my face and then gently massage in with my fingertips. I apply mine morning and night. Heaven!

"How does it feel/ What does it do?" I can hear you say. Well, it just makes my skin feel soooo soft and nourished. It feels, happy. Happy skin. And on the times when Karma Control has given me a break out because I have been naughty, then it deals to it pretty fast.

But, please to make us feel better, if your skin is really super-sensitive then maybe just patch test it first for awhile just to be sure - after all every one is different and has different issues to deal with.

So now I guess you may ask me so what is the difference between this and the Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil?

I will answer that by saying that the Vital Oil can be really kind to delicate, hard to please skin (it is for mine). You know, that kind of high-maintenance-purist-skin that can drive you nuts!

Whereas the Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil is wonderful for skin that is in the normal, dry, mature range - basically, skin that isn't going to throw a hissy fit, but would love a bit of luxurious pampering and care.

I hope this helps you. Vital Oil has certainly been helping me!

  • Georgina Langdale
  • archeus skin careComfrey chickweed and nettlehealing oilherbal wisdom

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