In March a lovely couple from Hawaii chanced upon the Archeus stall at the Skyline Market at the top of the cable car in Wellington. Then, yesterday I received an email with the following story of gratitude and photos about Vital Balm and how it seems to have helped an eczema sufferer across the ocean in Hawaii.

“Aloha e Friend! I am the woman from Hawaii who bought some Vital Balm and Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Oil from you when I was in Wellington in March. I have a story of gratitude to share with you! When I got home, I started to use your oil, which I really love. A few days after I came home, a colleague of mine shared that she was having an extreme flare up of eczema, to the point where she was covering her neck with a scarf and stayed home from work! Since we are both research analysts, I suggested we do a little trial with your vital balm. She agreed to use it on half of her neck and take some before/after pictures. OMG look at the results. This is after about 90 days of application. On the other side of her neck, she used steroid cream from her doctor. After using the steroid cream for two weeks, she went "all-balm." She is a natural health enthusiast and doesn't like to use drugs. She shared that her quality of life has significantly improved!”

Photo above: skin before Vital Balm.

Photo below: skin after Vital Balm

Her friend then emailed and added these comments:

“I've been a lifelong sufferer of eczema and although I know I'm not cured, I'm happy to have Vital Balm as my new go-to instead of the harsh steroid creams and petroleum-based lotions and ointments that seemed to be my only option.  My mind is at ease knowing that the ingredients that go into your products are quality, organic, and rooted in nature (many in your own garden, in fact!).  The condition of my skin has improved considerably, due in large part to my daily use of Vital Balm.”  

Here at Archeus HQ we are just so delighted that our Vital Balm seems to be helpful and we are grateful for the research analyst approach to testing the product! Thank you for allowing us to share this story and photos. Today we will be making up a new batch of the balm thanks to a bumper harvest of comfrey, plantain and chickweed this year. 


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  • I have been using vital balm on my daughter for almost a year. She suffers from eczema and very sensitive skin and this has been a dream. Where nothing else worked but horrible damaging steroid creams, this has amazingly cleared her skin. Whenever any of my kids have a cold and get dry scratchy sore noses from wiping them, this is what I use to sooth their rough skin. I use it on my lips and hands when they are really dry. It’s now my go to cream that works for a number of issues. I wouldn’t be without it. Highly recommend for kids.

    Kate Lines on

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I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!