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We now have a regular stall at the Foodie-fantabulous City Market in the Chaffers Dock building on the Wellington waterfront. The great thing about foodie markets is that people ask really good questions about the products on display. With this in mind we have captured some key points about Archeus Matcha in this blog for you.

Three reasons to love Archeus Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha:

  • Calm alertness
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Decrease in weight and inflammation

The Japanese have been drinking this super-power green tea for centuries, now in the US and UK matcha tea is fast becoming the next big trend in ultra-healthy beverages.  It has been predicted to be one of the big health trends to emerge in 2014. At Archeus we think that New Zealand is next to ride this super-green, super-healthy wave.

Archeus Matcha is produced using ancient techniques to grind whole leaves into a vibrant green powder. We don’t add anything to it - and we don’t take anything away.

Matcha is a unique type of green tea, carefully produced by artisanal tea growers in Japan. Archeus Matcha is certified organic, handpicked, steamed, dried and then ground into a fine green powder which creates a super potent form of green tea, bursting with nutrients. The health benefits of matcha are so much greater than ‘normal’ green tea because you are ingesting the whole leaf, not just the water it has been steeping in.

Matcha provides a natural source of long lasting healthy energy and has been shown to support healing, prevention and recovery from illness and inflammation. Studies have also shown that consuming matcha prior to exercising can increase endurance by as much as 23%, making it an ideal drink for sports, yoga and fitness fans.  Drinking matcha regularly is shown to increase thermogenesis (the body’s rate of burning calories). Pair that with matcha’s sustained energy boost from its combination of caffeine and L-theanine, which gives you energy without the jitters, and you have a powerful aid to weight loss, endurance and mental clarity. We think of it as helping creating a state of ‘Calm Alertness’.

The secret of matcha’s super turbo-charged health benefits is that the Camellia sinensis plants are covered with shade-cloth for 4-6 weeks prior to harvest which encourages the plants to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids in their leaves. This results in:

  • Off the chart levels of antioxidants per gram (matcha’s 1384 units per gram compared to spinach at 26 units per gram) – that’s some superfood!
  • Low caffeine content - a typical bowl of matcha tea or a matcha latte has about quarter of the caffeine of a cup of coffee.
  • Extremely high levels of the amino acid L-theanine which has the ability to reduce stress, improve cognition, and boost mood and cognitive performance.
  • High levels of EGCG – which has been studied extensively for its effect on prevention of tumour and cancer cell growth, brain function improvement, and its ability to increase fat oxidisation (helping you burn fat).

Make your matcha ritual complete with a matcha bowl, whisk and spoon available on our website and at our stall at the City Market.

How to make and enjoy your Archeus Matcha

The key to the perfect bowl of Archeus Matcha is in the beautiful bamboo matcha whisk. You are creating a suspension, not dissolving the powder, and the truth is you just can’t do that with a teaspoon. We know because we tried!

For best results sieve ¼ - ½ tsp of Archeus Matcha into a matcha bowl, pour in steaming hot water to one third or half full. Rapidly beat with bamboo matcha whisk in a W movement (it’s all in the wrist action) until surface gets foamy. Tip: don’t use boiling water as this can make the tea slightly bitter.

You can enjoy Matcha hot or cold. For something different try mixing it with hot, frothy milk for a delicious Matcha latte. For Matcha on the go - add to a water bottle and shake briskly to mix.

Please note:  Matcha is also gaining popularity as a cooking ingredient. Archeus can supply ingredient grade organic certified Matcha in 1kg bags. Email us at if you are interested.


Green, green, green 

With Archeus, your matcha experience is even greener as a portion of proceeds from every Archeus Matcha product sold goes towards the Archeus Raukawa Tree Conservation and Restoration project. See our website for more information.

At Archeus we believe in the idea of inside and outside beauty, which makes Archeus Matcha the perfect complement to our range of natural skin care products, each also including oils or extracts of the Camellia sinensis plant that Matcha is made from. 




Item Result/per 100g Matcha tea

Calories 351.0 Kcal

Protein 25.0g

Total fat 6.2g

Carbohydrate 48.8g

Water 2.6g

Ash 5.8g

Tannin 9.7g

Caffeine 1.9g

Dietary fibres 32.5g

Vitamin A 29,750μg

Vitamin C 412.0mg

Vitamin E 29.7mg

Sodium 3.6mg

Zinc 2.5mg

Iron 9.4mg

Calcium 575.0mg

Potassium 1,870.0mg

Catechins 10.5g

Free Amino Acids 2,080.0mg

* Nutritional Analysis: Certificate of Analysis No. 072028-1 by Ecopro Research Co., Ltd.


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