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Matcha Maths for Gym Bunnies

Some Matcha Maths for gym bunnies...

Studies have shown that Green tea can increase metabolism, increase exercise endurance and help burn fat. Plus a whole load of other good stuff (see our Matcha pages for more studies).

Archeus Matcha tea is green tea with bells on – because it is handpicked, blanched, dried and ground into a powder which means you don’t just drink the water and throw away the plant, you ingest the whole greeny green leaf – nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Oh and did we mention it is certified organic?

One serving of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of ‘normal’ green tea. So that is a lot of tea goodness in one cup (a Matcha bowl is better!). It’s pretty good in your water bottle while you exercise as well.

Matcha + Exercise = Good thing!

So if you are checking out the Exodus Gym annual open day in Tory Street this Saturday (22 March), come and say hello to Georgina at the Archeus stall which will be laden with the Archeus range of organic matcha tea and handcrafted natural skincare. If you can't make that then you can catch her with her Matcha at the City Market in the atrium of the Chaffers Dock Building on Sunday mornings (23, 30 March, 6, 13 April then every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from May 1).

Don't forget that a portion of proceeds from every Archeus product sold goes towards the Archeus 'Raukawa Tree' Conservation and Restoration project.

Matcha + Exercise = Good thing + Conservation = Really Good Thing

How's that for a win-win - going green can be good for you and for Nature!

  • Georgina Langdale
  • conservationStallTea

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