Making oils and art at Archeus

For many people this is the time of year to take stock of the past 12 months and to look ahead with ideals and dreams and promises for the year ahead.

At Archeus HQ I have been doing similar. I want to thank everyone who has bought Archeus products so far, and offered so much wonderful feedback and support. It is very much appreciated. I also want to thank the people who have been helping me put the Archeus plant conservation project together – which I really look forward to sharing with you all soon.

(Caption: the creek at the farm)

This is a particularly wonderful summer here in NZ for herbs and plants used in Archeus products. I have spent some of the past few days back at the farm in Hawkes Bay, hand-harvesting the wild plantain and dandelions that grow by the creek (all organic) and preparing infusions to use in Archeus products. For me, the simple act of getting my hands into the soil, working with the plants themselves is an important part of what Archeus is all about. I also did this with home grown comfrey and chickweed a few months ago and the oils are now ready to make into a wonderful ‘Vital Balm’ which works wonders on cuts, scrapes, itchy bites and dry or crack and chapped skin. I have a number of people who love the balm, so I have decided to make it available online. This will only be in limited edition runs, dependent on how much oil I have been able to make. You can’t get much more hand-crafted than that! Keep an eye out for their arrival online in the New Year!

(Caption: comfrey from the Archeus garden ready to be infused into camellia oil)

I have had some requests from people for me to also make available smaller size jars that would be ideal for travel or for small gifts for friends. I like this idea but it also means additional investment in new labels and jars, so before I leap into it, I would welcome any feedback here in the comments section or on the Archeus Facebook page.

And finally, the other thing I have done over the Christmas break is do a painting for some people who wanted an artwork that reflected aspects of their lives and their migration from one side of the globe to the other. They said something in conversation that stuck in my mind and that, ultimately, I constructed the whole painting around. The phrase they used was: “what do we tell ourselves about who we are”. So I thought I would leave you with that thought to head into 2014 with - what do you tell yourself about who you are, and how is your history important to you?

See you in 2014. Georgina

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