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  • Georgina Langdale
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A Bespoke Hug in a Bottle

Face it – we all know Christmas can get a tad stressful. There is that feeling of being pulled in a million different directions, the politics of navigating where to spend time on Christmas day. Then there is the prezzie shopping, and the worry about what to get, and when to get it, and who to get it for. Or maybe the cycle of Christmas parties starts to get a bit much and you wake up in the night worrying about what you said to the boss, or are desperately hoping the photos of you throwing inelegant shapes on the dance floor don’t get posted on social media…. Take a deep breath and imagine some truly personal stress-beating pampering. That’s the beauty of Archeus Bespoke you see.

Archeus Bespoke is based on Bach Flower Remedies, which is a remedy system developed by Dr Edward Bach in the UK last century. He figured that different plants can help counter different negative states of mind and he spent years devising a whole system around this idea.

So what we do is use this system to make moisturisers and hydrating mists – just for you to help you deal to those irksome stresses, frets and fears. All you have to do is download the questionnaire on the Bespoke page and be good to yourself by taking a few minutes to go through it. It’s easy – you just put a score by the questions, and the more they are a feeling you can relate to, the higher the score. Then you put the five top scoring flower remedies into the remedy box and send it off with your order.

Then I hand make you your very own personalised moisturiser or mist, plus I give you a wee bottle of the remedy so you can add a few drops to your water bottle. I also give you information on the positive aspects of the remedies that have been selected. Easy peasy.

Like we say on the website banner – a little drop of love goes a long way. Archeus Bespoke is like a great big hug in a bottle. Merry Christmas to you – it’s all going to be OK.

  • Georgina Langdale
  • Archeus Bespokearcheus skin careBach Flower Remediesherbal wisdom

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