Making Matcha tea

Ready for a treat? Here’s how to make your delicious, vital brew of Archeus Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha tea.

It is best not to use boiling water. I just stop the kettle before it reaches boiling point. Run your Matcha whisk prongs under the tap for moment – they need to be damp before you use them (stops the powder sticking to them). Put a teaspoon of Matcha in your bowl. The bamboo spoon makes it really easy to get it out of the tin (especially when you are running low) and well, it looks so good!

I bought a little sieve from a local department store and I just sieve the powder into the bowl. This removes any lumps which makes it easier to whisk. Then, add the water – this is largely down to personal taste but I recommend filling to between one-third to half the level of the bowl. You don’t need more water than that.

Next, the whisk! I was taught by a Tea Master in Japan, and he told me the correct way to hold the whisk is with your thumb in line with the black thread knot and your index and middle finger on the other side of the handle.

Start by moving it in a slow, clockwise sweeping motion around the sides of the bowl to get any lumps off the sides. Then whisk briskly back and forth – a bit like a ‘W’ movement, whilst also pushing down onto the bottom of the cup. It’s all in the wrist action! Then draw the whisk up in circular movements and pull the foam up into a ‘hill’ in the centre. Voila! Your wonderful, delicious and very green bowl of Matcha tea is ready to enjoy.

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