Green is the colour of love

  Without Nature there is no us

Being All The Moments We Are

 Other people never truly know all the parts of you

Getting to Know Plant Essences

 Tap into the energy of plants

Enriching our Life Journey

  Deepening the bonds with Nature

The Pool of Unknowingness

 How do we Be at the side of a stranger who is dying?

Spring Means Tonic Herbs!

 There's more to nettle than its sting

Tips for Menopause Transition

Wellness starts when taboos get the boot

Working with Plant Alchemy

 Reflecting on Paracelsus and his influence on our work


Archeus on TV3 AM Show

 Georgina mid-interview with Duncan Garner

Archeus Founder Wins

 Your vote will help us win People's Choice and contribute to kids conservation and healing work


Nature helps heal trauma

  Five things Nature has taught me

When the Doctor Calls

 The dilemma of making choices without a plan