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The Dreaded Tingle

 A tale of how Archeus helped a cold sore outbreak

Bees and being good stewards

 Price rises for organic raw ingredients spell trouble for us and our ecosystems

So do these sheets really work?

 This story may help you decide

Thinking in Spheres

 My approach to formulating products

Menopause breaking taboos

 Symptoms shared brings relief

Connecting with Plant Essences

   Working with the nature of energy

Making Hydrosols

The art of getting closer to nature

The Beauty of Macerated Oils

  A peek inside some of the processes in the Archeus apothecary

Healing herb textiles

Archeus goldenrod scarf Now you can wrap yourself in herbal goodness

Meaning behind the name

  We are inspired by a renaissance alchemist

Discover our yoga herbs

 Find out more about the herbs in our yoga mats

Taking Yoga to the next level

 New herbally-dyed yoga mats