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Welcome to Archeus

The ‘Archeus’ is the vital force connecting us, all of nature and the universe. We believe that working with this sacred connection to the natural world creates beautiful products for body and soul.

finalist - Best New Natural Product, Pure Beauty Awards

finalist - Sustainability Champion, Sustainable Business Network

Beauty & Well-being

Created with the therapeutic and energetic benefits of nature


Organic and Naturally Dyed Textiles

The ultimate toxin-free sleep experience

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Exquisite Oil

I love this oil. I've been working with a very tricky inflammatory skin condition and for awhile couldn't use any products. Salt water and aloe vera were the only things my skin could tolerate and they were non aggravating but very drying. I tried this oil and my skin just loved it. No flare ups, very soothing, and my skin feels less scaly and more supple. Highly recommend!


Magic Carpet

I am loving my new Archeus yoga mat and I see a little mat envy at yoga class. It is soft and spongy and best of all doesn’t smell like rubber.


Educational & Entertaining!

A fabulous course that was both educational (thanks to Georgina's breadth of knowledge) as well as being entertaining - and good fun! I left with the knowledge and confidence to have a go at making my own stuff at home. (Although I'm still working my way through all the products we made and got to take home with us!) Thanks


Apothecary Workshops

Join us and learn how to create with nature

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About us

Discover more about who we are and what inspires us

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Thinking in Spheres

 My approach to formulating products

Connecting with Plant Essences

   Working with the nature of energy