The relief of finding a place that helps with the stuff no one else likes talking about.

Those is the first product that I have tried that actually works. No more itching, burning or discharge. After so many GP visits I had all but given up. Thank you.


Formulating for Need not Fashion

You may notice that we use quite a few natural and organic ingredients in our products, while many other brands only use a handful of ingredients.

We believe that ‘more is more’.

We undertook extensive research to develop our formulas - delving into ancient botanic wisdom as well as contemporary clinical studies. Then we source and harvest the most potent natural and organic ingredients.  

Applying traditional extraction processes to harness the potency from the botanical ingredients means we can combine a range of plants with qualities that work in synergy with each other. This creates a superior product for you.

This is another reason why we create our balm in small batches. It enables us to use these processes effectively and ensure maximum freshness and efficacy.

I am a Practice Nurse and do a lot of cervical smears and I often have conversations around dry vaginas :-) I have recommended your feminine balm to women - and I had one woman come up to me today and give me a big hug to say thank you - it has made a huge difference in her life. Thank you for your awesome product - I will continue to recommend it.


A wonderful product which I wish I had known about earlier.


Which transition has brought you here?

While menopause is a key factor in vaginal dryness, there are other reasons too. Our customers range in age from teens to the elderly. Find out more about their journeys here.


How do you know if you're peri-menopausal and what are some of the changes that can happen (that they don't tell us about!)?

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Learn how our products can support you in preparation for birth and post-natally.

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Illness, surgical interventions, immune disorders can all take their toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Maybe some of these customer stories relate to you?

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Plant and Flower Essences

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The owner and maker of these remedies is genuinely gifted and in a deep integral connection with nature and all her beings. Her healing energy shines shines through. Thank you for making these wonderful healing products.


Made by Women for Women

Our range has evolved out of meeting the requests of women experiencing vaginal dryness and other changes as they journey through life transitions. In these strange COVID-19 times we also seek to create care AND community for our customers.

Made for Need not Fashion

Our range has developed in answer to need, not to trends. Every ingredient in every product is selected because of its beneficial attributes, not because it is 'flavour of the month'.

Vision of Care & Community

Our vision is about deepening connections with the natural world and each other via the tech ecosystem in order to support the health and well-being of our customers.

Giving back

Find out about the habitat restoration work the children at Argyll East Primary School are doing with your help.

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All our products are natural

and we celebrate the skill of the artisan

Nature heals

Listen Up!

Our founder is passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and feel connected to nature to support their health and well-being. Check out her podcast and coaching offerings.